Carmelitas Tapas

Placed at upper Raval, and housed in a former convent of Barcelona, you can find Carmelitas Tapas. A timeless bistro where guests can enjoy tapas and old fashioned dishes, typical recipes of Catalan cuisine and breakfast dishes eaten with knife and fork. Furthermore, it is also the ideal place to find a wide variety of cold tapas as pickles, preserves and salads, as well as to enjoy a good vermouth or ecologic wine, some of them even biodynamic. All of this in the hands of Xavier Pellicer, a true master of cuisine art.


Small Dishes
Typical recipes
Ecologic Wine
Proximity product


C/ del Carme, 42
08001 Barcelona

(+34) 93 461 59 11
(+34) 629 56 26 94

M-T 08:30-00:00
F-S 08:30-02:00
S 10:00-00:00

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