About us

Tribu Woki is a way of life that seeks to return to our roots, to our origins, but in a modern, present-day context. From the outset, we have been committed to the quality of the product, because for us true luxury lies in good things. We believe that things should be simple, honest and of good quality. That’s why every day we strive to offer the best seasonal products sourced from as nearby as possible.

Tribu Woki’s essence is its firm commitment to organic products, so the food you’ll find in our establishments is grown using traditional methods and no synthetic or chemical substances. In addition to its multiple nutritional, health and taste benefits, the consumption of locally-produced organic products reduces the environmental impact and promotes a fairer economic deal for the producer.

At Tribu Woki you’ll always know where a product came from, how it was produced and who’s behind it. Like it was in the past, but today.